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Welcome to Dougie.Cool! You can find everything I’ve ever made HERE!

Uh Oh
Sadly, I’m still working on my first game. BUT it is very close! Wishlist it here


This isn’t an ordinary landing page. You can find EVERYTHING I’ve made here. I’ll be treating Dougie.Cool as if it were my own desktop, where small games, character art, and videos are regularly posted.

Not sure what you like? Which category best describes you?

  • Bite Sized Free Games
  • Paid Large Projects
  • Behind the Scenes Sneak Peaks
  • Hidden Duck
  • Cute Pixel art and animations
  • Pixel art Tutorials and tips
  • Chill Beats
  • Programming Turtorials
  • Paid Source Code

Hey there! Welcome to my new site! Sorry it’s not fully polished yet, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? I decided to skip the easy site builders because I don’t want your visit to be too cookie cutter. Also, those free site builders might offer cool stuff, but they always come with a price tag, and right now, I’m on a tight budget. I spent a good couple of months learning HTML and CSS to make something special just for you!

Sick of indie devs’ sites just being glorified ads? Me too. I want this site to be an experience in itself. Think GIFs as backgrounds, games hidden in every nook, and selling stuff without those annoying fees. And the best part? I can post whatever I want, all in one spot!

Many of these free site builders have fees for easy to add features, but… I’m broke.