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Would you like to dance?

While working on “quest icons”, I started playing around with color palettes that demonstrate the setting of the quest. The next few images are quests found in the Haunted Forest

Meet the main character! After a bad bring your kid to work day, he finds himself in an upside-down world, where monsters try to hunt him and his family down as he saves his grandpa’s business. Maybe his old friends could help?

Concept Art
The Boy

These gnome-like creatures are found in the Haunted Forest. They LOVE to sell colorful and very explosive things.

Concept Art
Roy, Gee, and Biv

Poor little Nico. He’s just a little guy that has a nasty habit. It all started with his obcession with the smell of sulfur, now he can stop!

Concept Art
Nico Urns

Gilbert roams the alley ways of the Haunted Forest selling terrible, nasty habits to little ghosts. Plus, he has a nice cake.

Concept Art
Gilbert Tomb