Just so you know
I’m Dougie, a solo developer based in OHIO. Yeah, I know.

I’ve been learning GameMaker since 2015, but still haven’t had the perseverance to finish posting a game publically. I’ll be posting games and tutorials here for you too! With all the music, games, and art found on the site, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay.

Currently, my game Phasmonauts is here


I really enjoy pixel art with a “floppy” style and creating cozy feeling games. If you feel the same way, follow me for monthly recommendations and posts. As a game developer, I’ve become a jack of all trades. Music and Art will be posted here as well.

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I’m designing a little experience to replace this page here! It’s coming along nicely…

Dougie’s Room

You can even name you’re little guy!

Dougie’s Room
Hmm... Who are you?

Then you can meet me in my room!

Dougie’s Room
Um, Hi?

And even feed my cat :(fas fa-cat fa-spin):

Dougie’s Room
I love Kibble

This should be released in a month, I just need to purchase the correct license. WOOO!